Whisky Weekend Update: The Week in New Releases

<a href="http://whiskyadvocate acheter viagra allemagne.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/finallanterns.png”>finallanternsTwo Lanterns American Whiskey

Release: November 2016
Price: $120
Proof: 86
Availability: 5,000 bottles
Style: American whiskey

Need to know: Distilled from Samuel Adams flagship beer, Boston Lager, by Berkshire Mountain Distillers, this whiskey was aged for a full four years in barrels. Unlike typical whiskeys, it includes hops, which the creators say lend a WHISKEY slight bitterness to the final spirit.

Whisky Advocate says:  This is the second collaboration war for these two companies, following the earlier release of Shays’ Rebellion American Whiskey, made from Samuel Adams Cinder em Bock beer and aged in Samuel Adams Utopias wholesale jerseys casks. And, there is likely much more to come from Berkshire Mountain and their Craft Brewers Whiskey Project, including 15 different brewer partners.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Box Dàlvveboxed

Release: the November 2016
Price: €60
Proof: 92
Availability: Widely available
Style: World whiskey

Need to know: This is the first release from Sweden’s Box Distillery, one wholesale nba jerseys of cheap mlb jerseys the world’s northernmost distilleries, located at the 63rd latitude, within a cheap jerseys day’s drive to the Arctic Circle. previene This single malt has no age statement, but likely includes some of the first distillate, which emerged in 2010.

Whisky Advocate says: This highly anticipated release will have global distribution and is set to become part of the core range, according to the distillers. For more first looks at unusual single malts from around the world, keep an eye on the Whiskey Advocate Buying Guide. Subscribe now!

static1-squarespace-comBackroom Bourbon Batch #1

Release: November 2016
Price: $70
Proof: 92
Availability: Limited release
Style: A blend of straight bourbon whiskeys

Need to know: Washington programistycznym? D.C.’s District Distilling is actively making spirits in a 12-foot copper pot still and a pair of 26-foot copper column stills. There is no house whiskey ready—yet. In the meantimem they’ve sourced and blended this bourbon by combining whiskeys aged 5 and 10 years.

Whisky Advocate says:  Head distiller Matt Strickland is familiar to whiskey lovers for his time at the head of research and development at Corsair Distillery in Nashville. Locally-made spirits from District include Corridor Vodka, Checkerbark American Dry Style Gin and Buzzard Point Colonial Style Rum, made using panela sugar. Spirits are available at the distillery and select local retailers.

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