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Kilchomen Impex Cask Evolution 03/2016

Release: September 2016
Price: $140
Proof: 113 traitement viagra naturel.6
Availability: 249 bottles
Style: Single malt Scotch

Need to know: The third in the series, this single barrel identified as cask #256/2011 was hand selected and bottled at cask strength. Following aging in a bourbon barrel, it was finished in a Pedro Ximénez sherry cask.

Whisky Advocate says: Despite their relative youth, Kilchoman whiskies have shown incredibly well in our Buying Guide tastings—often scoring 90 points and above! There is no age statement here, but we love the full transparency, distillation date of May 27, 2011, and a bottling date of July 8, 2016.


ofcBuffalo Trace OFC

Release: November 1
Price: Varies
Proof: 113.6
Availability: 200 bottles
Style: Bourbon

Need to know: Three unique vintage-dated bourbons honoring the National Historic Landmark’s original name – the O.F.C. Distillery are being made available free of charge for auction by eligible charities. The first release is comprised of only 200 bottles; 100 bottles from the year 1980, 50 bottles from 1982, and 50 bottles from 1983.

Whisky Advocate says: Buffalo Trace continues an admirable record of charitable giving with this release! According to the distillery, the O.F.C. series will be ongoing, and while the first of these rare whiskeys will not be available outside of charitable auction, later vintages will be released to the overall market beginning in spring 2017. Those interested in obtaining these first rare releases can check the Buffalo Trace website starting in November for a list of non-profit organizations who received bottles.


clyde_mays_straight_bourbon_whiskeyClyde May’s 5-year

Release: September 2016
Price: $40
Proof: 92
Availability: Widely available
Style: Bourbon

Need to know: This non-chill filtered straight bourbon is matured in heavily charred new American oak barrels.

clyde_mays_cask_strength_117_bottleClyde May’s 8-year Cask Strength

Release: October 2016
Price: $90
Proof: 117
Availability: 3,000 bottles
Style: Bourbon

Need to know: This is the first limited-edition Clyde May’s and joins the 5-year and two existing Clyde May’s — 85-proof Whiskey and 110-proof Special Reserve, introduced in 2015 .

Whisky Advocate says: According to their website, Clyde May’s hallmark is the addition of oven-dried apples to the barrels, a technique they refer to as Alabama Style and claim provides a special smoothness to the whiskeys. This bottling is finished with natural apple essence in the Clyde May’s style, while the 92 proof Straight Bourbon (above) stands alone, unadultered by chill-filtering or apple influence.

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