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Yellowstone Limited Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Release: October 2016
Price: $100
Proof: 101
Availability: 7,000 bottles
Style: Straight bourbon

Need to know: This bourbon is a blend of 12 year old and 7 year old bourbons that receive additional maturation in wine barrels with various levels of toasting.

Whisky Advocate says: Opened in 2011, Limestone Branch Distillery is a collaboration of Steve Beam and his brother Paul Beam. Their previous release of sourced and blended bourbon scored 90 points in Whisky Advocate Buying Guide.

blackbutteBlack Butte Whiskey

Release: September 2016
Price: $80
Proof: 94
Availability: 1,176 bottles
Style: Malt whiskey

Need to know: This malt whiskey was double distilled from Deschutes Brewery’s flagship beer, Black Butte Porter, by Jim Bendis, founder of Oregon’s Bendistillery, then aged in new #4 char American oak barrels.

Whisky Advocate says: Bendis distilled his first Black Butte Porter as an experiment 20 years ago. He was certainly ahead of his time, as an increasing number of distillers are focused solely on distillation of beer and collaborations with brewers.

bushmillsportBushmills Port Cask Reserve

Release: November 2016
Price: GBP£99
Proof: 80
Availability: Limited
Style: Irish whiskey

Need to know: This is the second and latest in the Bushmills Steamship Collection – following the release of a Sherry Cask Reserve. Casks were selected in Portugal by Helen Mulholland, Master Blender of Bushmills Irish Whiskey and each held port wine for a minimum of three years.

Whisky Advocate says: This Bushmills limited edition series is only available in travel retail and comes in a 70cl bottle. Read about all the latest developments from Ireland in the winter issue of Whisky Advocate, coming soon. Don’t miss it! Subscribe now.

rhinoVulson French Alpine Rye

Release: October 2016
Price: $70
Proof: 82
Availability: Widely available
Style: World whisky

Need to know: Domaine des Hautes Glaces is a small sustainable farm distillery in the French Alps crafting spirits from grain grown onsite, including this 100% organic rye. The spirit is “rested for a summer and a winter season” and bottled at the Domaine.

Whisky Advocate says: The distiller is partnered with Xavier Padovani, no stranger to the whisky world, as he spent 10 years with William Grant & Sons, helping to launch Monkey Shoulder Whisky and serving as a brand ambassador for Hendrick’s gin. Vulson will be available at select accounts in New York City, including PDT, Sauvage, Daniel’s DBGB and off-premise at Astor Wine & Spirits.

galasonsSons of Liberty Gala Apple

Release: September 2016
Price: $45
Proof: 80
Availability: 2,800 bottles
Style: Flavored whiskey

Need to know: Part of the Sons of Liberty seasonal whiskey series, this offering is flavored with 9,000 fresh Gala Apples from two Connecticut orchards. The apples were prepared and pressed at New England Cider Company, then the juice was blended with barrel-aged whiskey.

Whisky Advocate says: Don’t entirely write-off flavored whisky. Sons of Liberty previously released a pumpkin spice seasonal that found a lot of fans and inventive craft distillers are adding coffee, beer and other creative flavors to their whiskey with good success.

cocoaAbraham Bowman Gingerbread Cocoa Finished Bourbon

Release: September 2016
Price: $40/375 ml
Proof: 90
Availability: 10 barrels (estimated 2,300 bottles)
Style: Bourbon

Need to know: This bourbon, the 15th expression in the limited edition Abraham Bowman line, received 17 months of finishing in barrels that previously held Hardywood Park Brewery Gingerbread Stout and Foolery Imperial Milk Stout. The total age of the bourbon is 9 years and 8 months.

Whisky Advocate says: Getting your hands on this limited edition won’t be easy. Virginia residents had first crack via a VA ABC Lottery on September 29 and bottles will go on sale at the distillery visitor center on October 1, with limited quantities appearing in other states in mid-October.

Ranger Creek .36 Texas Bourbon

Release: September 2016
Price: $60
Proof: 90
Availability: 1,000 bottles
Style: Bourbon

Need to know: This straight bourbon had its minimum two years of age in standard size barrels, and following this initial limited release run will appear as a regular product starting in April 2017.

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